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To create a product, human beings always have a complex view of all the elements and forms around them. The DOT chandelier is designed based on the simplest element, both physically and visually. DOT; It is the simplest and most inseparable element in visual communication. dot, wherever it is, whether natural or artificial, has such energy and force that it attracts the eye. In this design, using dots in size and In different situations, we try to transfer energy and start a visual experience in home lighting appliances.
The production method of this lamp is to use aluminum pipes with different diameters and arrange them on a high surface. With different drill bits, holes with different diameters are created. Then, the perforated pipes are painted. More light can be used in cylinders with a maximum diameter of 18 watts LED lamps and in cylinders with smaller diameter LED needle lamps.

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  • Maryam Ramezani_Asal Abaspour
  • alzahra university
  • Product design: light


Maryam Ramezani_Asal Abaspour


alzahra university

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