About Project

Cuple is a relax sofa furniture design for the cuples , the aim was to create a comfort sofa with a minimal form , the main purpose of this design is to create a sofa with the same shape, but different colors, two separate people can easily talk to each other with the space end of sofa for to put their books., with a monotonous and eye-catching rhythm , made by combination of beauty and harmony, that can be used for residential space and garden area with a new layout and modern language, a combination of simplicity and sence of comfort.the structure is made of solid wood and metal base with leather cover.

  • SOFA RELAX 14-d3c41e6d
    SOFA RELAX 14-d3c41e6dSOFA RELAX 15-74c4a767
    SOFA RELAX 15-74c4a767SOFA RELAX 16-c2660117
    SOFA RELAX 16-c2660117
  • mehdi ahkami
  • modative
  • Furniture design: series


mehdi ahkami



SOFA RELAX 14-d3c41e6d SOFA RELAX 15-74c4a767 SOFA RELAX 16-c2660117