Crystal Vessel

About Project

Simply, this sketch of the crystal vessel that can be carved out of a natural crystal (potentially jade, rose quartz, tourmaline, etc), allegedly known for its healing properties. While keeping the form of the crystal, it may be possible to carve the center of the crystal to create a cup that can hold liquid or soil. It can be used functionally as a mug or small planter.

It could also be created from a ceramic material with a glaze that can simulate the form of a faceted crystal. In this design, a handle can be attached.

The design is in the conceptual phase. However, if it appears worthwhile to create, I am sure that the production process can easily be figured out .

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  • Erin Larissa Chow
  • Product design: object
  • Crystals have been used throughout history to heal and restore the human body. Today, using crystals for these same purposes has been trending, particularly amongst millennials. Not only would it be beautiful to have an object like the crystal vessel to drink from or admire in the home, but it could also be healing and restorative.


Erin Larissa Chow

IMG_1841-fb8974d2 IMG_2006-587f8b1a