concrete side table set with handmade tiles

About Project

Nowadays, with the emersion of cutting-edge technology, design methods have constantly changed. In addition, products are designed minimal and simple.
These side tables are designed with three different materials which are Concrete, Steel, and handmade Tile.
On the other hand, Concrete and steel are considered as simple, neutral, and industrial materials, and they do not have any specific color or texture. Tile is made by hand, and it contains numerous colors, and it’s in a contrast with the other used material. Furthermore, it should not be overlooked that all the tiles are designed and painted by myself.
Using tile is deeply rooted in Iranian architecture, and it has a very long story and is used in different periods.
In addition to these, I believe what fascinates others about these tables is the combination of different material features.

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negar maleksabet

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