About Project

Composition is a unique sofa furniture design , is made by study on curve line with combination of minimal elements and harmony , the aim was to create a piece of furniture that can be used for residential and office space with a new layout and modern language, a combination of simplicity, beauty and sence of comfort.the structure is made of solid wood for the part of Sofa seating area with leather cover and the base of the sofa is made of metal profiles.

  • sofa 42-32ced182
    sofa 42-32ced182sofa 41-7b976387
    sofa 41-7b976387sofa 39-e17d77dc
    sofa 39-e17d77dcsofa 37-699f085c
    sofa 37-699f085csofa 40-70701186
    sofa 40-70701186
  • mehdi ahkami
  • modative
  • Furniture design: series


mehdi ahkami



sofa 42-32ced182 sofa 41-7b976387 sofa 39-e17d77dc sofa 37-699f085c sofa 40-70701186