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Tackle the use of a traditional, everyday solution that did not change in decades. Make it struggle-free.

This design first came to me in quite a difficult period in my life. I was diagnosed with dysthymia – a kind of depressive disorder. People struggling with depression disorders can find even the simplest tasks like getting up, dressed, or replacing a lightbulb, almost impossible to do. Once, my light went out and I just sat in the dark.
This product symbolizes those tasks and offers a solution to one.

“COMEDOWN” is not only a lamp to illuminate an interior but also a symbol and a reminder of an issue not necessarily noticeable by the majority of society. It gives this extra struggle release from everyday tasks and objects.

There is no need to screw in or attach the lightbulb in any way. Just simply insert thru the top of the lamp and lay it inside. Remove 100% of the struggle from the object. To replace it – grab by the lightbulb, take it out, and insert a new one. Simple as that.
Every kind of domestic lightbulb works with this product, even the large “Edison” bulbs.
Ceramic/porcelain core structure, copper inside elements responsible for the current supply, and a glass cloche. Ceramic is powder-coated in orange or dark-blue colours. It is a simple assembly, none of the parts are fixed to each other. The end-user/customer can easily put together the whole lamp.

These lamps can serve as bedside lamps, cafe or restaurant lamps, or simply as another source of light in your house. The solution of struggle-free bulb placement aims to remind about the “invisible” struggle of people suffering from depressive disorders. 30% of all potential profit related to the “COMEDOWN” lamp would go to organizations helping people struggling with depression.

I plan to include further informative materials added to the purchased lamps or as a small laser-cut or CNC-ed QR codes directly on the lamps- yet to be determined. I want to educate/inform as much as possible all the people that stumble across the “COMEDOWN” lamp. Explain the design, give them an idea of what it symbolizes, and how anyone potential could support the cause it stands for.

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  • Tymon Grobelski
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  • Product design: light | Product design: object
  • https://youtu.be/AtAuEvABK0g
  • Comedown - struggle-free lamp.


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