Colorful sofa

About Project

is a unique relax chaise lounge with coffetable design .The design of this design inspired by the create a unique , comfortable and elegant concept design for indoor space , the goal was to create a simple sofa for the production and the main idea is two parts ,the first one from the combination of color stripes and another one in the middle and the other in the middle, which is very eye-catching for any space and decoration . a combination of beauty, simplicity and form dignity, the structure is made of solid wood with velvet or leather cover .

  • SOFA RELAX 22-678c6777
    SOFA RELAX 22-678c6777SOFA RELAX 17-a9859b5c
    SOFA RELAX 17-a9859b5cSOFA RELAX 21-68150f2d
    SOFA RELAX 21-68150f2dSOFA RELAX 20-a5e18af4
    SOFA RELAX 20-a5e18af4SOFA RELAX 19-377ec860
    SOFA RELAX 19-377ec860SOFA RELAX 18-7beaf6f4
    SOFA RELAX 18-7beaf6f4
  • mehdi ahkami
  • modative
  • Furniture design: series


mehdi ahkami



SOFA RELAX 22-678c6777 SOFA RELAX 17-a9859b5c SOFA RELAX 21-68150f2d SOFA RELAX 20-a5e18af4 SOFA RELAX 19-377ec860 SOFA RELAX 18-7beaf6f4