colorful chair

About Project

This product is made of wooden, metal, and plastic materials in which the above parts of chair can turn around the rod. Different heights are presented to the user which we can use them variously, for example, for putting extra staffs, bags, and their infant to keep him/her safe. Furthermore, the waiting room provides the parents with communication about the current events of kindergarten, their children’s education condition, safety, and enough relief.

  • Artboard 4@4x-100-2db658b4
    Artboard 4@4x-100-2db658b4Artboard 5+@4x-100-c0da7b9c
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  • Paniz kadkhoda Kazemi and Fatemeh Hatami
  • Furniture design: series | Furniture: collection
  • According to the field studies and conducted interviews, white and pastel colors reduce stress in the audience and make the sense of vitality. Moreover, they replace anxiety with liveliness. This furniture is designed for the waiting room of parents who are waiting for their children in the kindergarten. In this place, they can interact with each other to take care of their younger child and also enjoy the miracle of colors and forms.


Paniz kadkhoda Kazemi and Fatemeh Hatami

Artboard 4@4x-100-2db658b4 Artboard 5+@4x-100-c0da7b9c Artboard 6@4x-100-c9c28dcb Artboard 6+@4x-100-7e718c96 untitled-15 (1)-99d7f23d