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Furniture collection inspired by Seven Capital Vices.
The collection of utility products called SEVEN, was inspired by the mystical theme of the seven capital vices. Pride, greed, envy, wrath, lust, gluttony, and sloth are the human vices expressed by seven objects with the opposite meaning, lesson and the hint of humor, interceding to the user with the visual language. Narrative design appeals to contemporary consumer, who in interaction with the product, realizes what kind of opposite meaning the object involve; however, at the same time, the consumer tries to amend it. It is a kind of a didactic form of minimal objects made of wooden, colored material Valchromat®. The products are suitable for a modern interior that lucks a refreshment of a sophisticated and narrative design, i.e. design with a story.
The prototypes of collection SEVEN was produced by CNC milling and finishing with varnish preserves. The expression by Valchromat leads to clean simplicity of the objects where excels the contemporary Design.
The Mirror “Pride“ has been inspired by the Slovak pun, literary translated as “Pride Prod,“ suggesting the typical feature of the product, as it is a kind of a sharp reminder.
The aim was to point out the human vice by witty, warning signals.
The coat and hat stand design has been inspired by a beggar. The main idea consists of clothes or personal belongings giving.
3. Envy
An effort to acquire property equal or greater than someone else´s was depicted as mindless houses comparison. Seemingly the bookcases “Neighbors“ are of different largeness, however, with the same capacity.
4. Wrath
The Pencil Stand “Don´t get angry!“ has been inspired by pricking Voodoo doll, however, one is not allowed to stick the pencil into the marked place, but the stand the other side.
5. Lust
The candlestick “Lust” has been intended by a witty motif to undermine perverted thoughts of the users.
6. Gluttony
The „Modest Table“ is type of a dinner table enabling the consumer´s conscience to lead to the temperance.
7. Sloth
The“Lazy stool“ is focused on the people, who frequently do different activities in a sitting position.
At the top of the seat is applied reflected text “lazy“, thus it is clear who the message is addressed for.

  • collection SEVEN-45f31c5b
    collection SEVEN-45f31c5b
    Collection SEVENEnvy_Maria Bujnakova (1)-07d2fbe9
    Envy_Maria Bujnakova (1)-07d2fbe9
    Bookshelves or storageEnvy_Maria Bujnakova (2)-9a0814c9
    Envy_Maria Bujnakova (2)-9a0814c9
    Bookshelves or storageGluttony_Maria Bujnakova (1)-f12edb38
    Gluttony_Maria Bujnakova (1)-f12edb38
    TableGluttony_Maria Bujnakova (2)-5270d5dd
    Gluttony_Maria Bujnakova (2)-5270d5dd
    TableGreed_Maria Bujnakova (1)-d72dd69e
    Greed_Maria Bujnakova (1)-d72dd69e
    HangerGreed_Maria Bujnakova (2)-664a9f92
    Greed_Maria Bujnakova (2)-664a9f92
    HangerLust_Maria Bujnakova (1)-c7dbda6f
    Lust_Maria Bujnakova (1)-c7dbda6f
    Candlestick Lust_Maria Bujnakova (2)-39d16681
    Lust_Maria Bujnakova (2)-39d16681
    Candlestick Pride_Maria Bujnakova (1)-655749e7
    Pride_Maria Bujnakova (1)-655749e7
    MirrorPride_Maria Bujnakova (2)-68039d5e
    Pride_Maria Bujnakova (2)-68039d5e
    MirrorSloth_Maria Bujnakova (1)-cad682a8
    Sloth_Maria Bujnakova (1)-cad682a8
    Lazy stoolSloth_Maria Bujnakova (2)-f3743ce4
    Sloth_Maria Bujnakova (2)-f3743ce4
    Lazy stoolWrath_Maria Bujnakova (1)-e7d1606d
    Wrath_Maria Bujnakova (1)-e7d1606d
    Pencil Stand Wrath_Maria Bujnakova (2)-4bcf243a
    Wrath_Maria Bujnakova (2)-4bcf243a
    Pencil Stand Wrath_Maria Bujnakova (3)-3b2776d8
    Wrath_Maria Bujnakova (3)-3b2776d8
    Pencil Stand
  • Mária Bujňáková
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  • Furniture: collection
  • Pride, greed, lust, wrath, gluttony, sloth and envy have been with people for centuries...and have creatively inspired them. These seven objects with simple function, built on legible symbols, have been devised to merge critical art and design. The mirror (pride) is the most successful object in the set in terms of the clarity of the message – it is visually attractive, yet there is something that makes us ill at ease. The table is much the same – it disciplines our eating, digs at our conscience, instead of encouraging consumption. The purposeful use of a material with a somewhat enigmatic name“ Valchromat“ (panel made of wood fibers colored) – makes these objects artistic interpretations of household items. The designs have a spare and contemporary form executed with care for detail and respect for their users; the encourage reflection without occupying the whole of living space.


Mária Bujňáková



collection SEVEN-45f31c5b Envy_Maria Bujnakova (1)-07d2fbe9 Envy_Maria Bujnakova (2)-9a0814c9 Gluttony_Maria Bujnakova (1)-f12edb38 Gluttony_Maria Bujnakova (2)-5270d5dd Greed_Maria Bujnakova (1)-d72dd69e Greed_Maria Bujnakova (2)-664a9f92 Lust_Maria Bujnakova (1)-c7dbda6f Lust_Maria Bujnakova (2)-39d16681 Pride_Maria Bujnakova (1)-655749e7 Pride_Maria Bujnakova (2)-68039d5e Sloth_Maria Bujnakova (1)-cad682a8 Sloth_Maria Bujnakova (2)-f3743ce4 Wrath_Maria Bujnakova (1)-e7d1606d Wrath_Maria Bujnakova (2)-4bcf243a Wrath_Maria Bujnakova (3)-3b2776d8