Cold me

Shortlist 2021

About Project

The Earth’s temperature is getting warmer, and the signs can be observed around the globe. As global temperatures continue to rise, scientific projections indicate that climate change could affect people, animals and ecosystems in a number of ways. In this situation educate the next generation about climate change is important and many benefits are observed when children are educated about climate change.

“Cold me” is a table light included cute penguin standing on cracked ice. When the light comes on, the color of light makes the cracked ice look cracked desert. While children learn through doing, “cold me” tries to show them how their activities could impact on the environment. Most children love penguins and would never want to see them hurt, “cold me” shows them global warming in the polar regions has caused the sea ice to partially melt while penguins rely on the sea ice to hunt for food and build nests, with this melting away it puts a threat to the penguin habitat. With “cold me” children can learn and understand that can help reduce carbon emission and other harmful greenhouse gases by turning off even one lamp.

It breaks the traditional usage of table light which is not designed to turn on and hopes to inform more young children about climate change. The appearance of the product is designed according to the shape of penguin habitat that children can easily interact and understand the concept. with a cute design, similar to an artwork, and can improve the quality of life.

“Cold Me” is designed to help children understand about climate change without scaring them. Since younger children won’t easily understand the concepts such as climate change( it was the most challenging part of this project), this project tried to start out with a more straightforward message: turning off the lights is a simple way to protect the environment and save the planet.

Base material: wood, number of lights: 1, shade material: glass
The size is:110*110*110mm

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    front viewB-5fd21d2c
    front viewC-d481945f
    perspective view
  • Bahar Alagheband
  • Deljin Studio
  • Product design: light


Bahar Alagheband


Deljin Studio

A-54e12e45 B-5fd21d2c C-d481945f