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All of my furniture design work to date is done in a matter of hours. I typically zero in on a theme and pull it as far as I can into a believable product. I like to play with tangencies, intersections, repetitions and scale, but mostly with viewpoints; every angle should be its own design. I also always want to create designs that are cultural and tactile. It should always make you feel something and should be “feel-able” i.e. you should be able to easily imagine touching the product and what that experience would be like. My goal for Clip Chair was to design something with more unique supports, that from a distance, could mystify and pull you closer. I wanted to keep the eye moving with the tubing tracks; nothing coming to a point, just doing their job here, doing their job there, and back again.

The Clip Chair features a series of bent metal tubing tracks which act as the legs, seat support and armrests. A crossbar connecting the smaller set of tracks provides the majority of the seat support, while connections hold the larger tracks to the seat and smaller tracks. These tracks are the main focus of the design, meant to look different from any viewing angle, changing the feeling from confusing, to simple, to typographical depending on where you are. The seat is meant to be a blank canvas. It should remain simple in its construction and form but can be a done in a variety of colors and materials.

  • Clip Front Angle-5d5fa683
    Clip Front Angle-5d5fa683
    Larger front tubing tracks act as armrests, extending above the seat.Clip Side-7f9b7e08
    Clip Side-7f9b7e08
    Side view showing the namesake, a discarded, bent paperclip after being played with too much.Clip Front-8976aa19
    Clip Front-8976aa19
    Front View showing how the tubing tracks nest next to each other. Clip Back Angle-ed222509
    Clip Back Angle-ed222509
    Back Angle. The tubing tracks do not come to a point on the ground, rather, they just create tangencies with it.Clip Detail-e5bc2809
    Clip Detail-e5bc2809
    Detail view of potential connection points and the lower crossbar supporting the seat.
  • Andrew Edge
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  • Connections, tangencies, and the never-ending cycle.


Andrew Edge

Clip Front Angle-5d5fa683 Clip Side-7f9b7e08 Clip Front-8976aa19 Clip Back Angle-ed222509 Clip Detail-e5bc2809