Circulos Hanger

About Project

The Círculos hanger has minimalist lines and, as the name of the piece suggests, it is formed by circular shapes. I thought of an easy-to-perform piece that would be visually pleasing, there are four circles of different diameters at four height levels, providing a good amount of support for hanging clothes or towels. It was designed to be a functional and decorative object at the same time, and can be used in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Material needed: at the base, the ideal would be a solid 1″ round bar to provide support and balance, being calendered to the project’s diameter, a ¾” tube would be ideal for the central tube of the piece and the four circles can be made into tubes 5/8″

The fabrication is easy to carry out where the circle tubes will be calendered and then welded to the central tube.

  • cabideiro circulos 01-a1a45699
    cabideiro circulos 01-a1a45699cabideiro circulos 02-136d1a70
    cabideiro circulos 02-136d1a70cabideiro circulos 03-28fa21c8
    cabideiro circulos 03-28fa21c8untitled.51-f6f26730
  • Bruno Rodrigues
  • Furniture design: series | Product design: object
  • the shape of the circle elevated to a new function, that of supporting interior decoration, with simple but beautiful and unusual lines


Bruno Rodrigues

cabideiro circulos 01-a1a45699 cabideiro circulos 02-136d1a70 cabideiro circulos 03-28fa21c8 untitled.51-f6f26730 untitled.52-4eb87b4c untitled.53-d5aaf11c untitled.111-cb7caf48