circle armchair

About Project

Circle in the simplest meaning of the word… the circular shape…
According to the dictionary, circular is “… an adjective related to circle or circle and its geometric properties…”
And with that in mind, I sought a design that was simple in shape, but that was not simple, that would be remarkable in an open environment, such as a porch or a grassy garden.
If design is form… then form is the circle
Composed of six circles and two perforated plates that recall the classic cane chairs, which were part of countless homes, in the childhood of many people of my generation… giving that nostalgic but at the same time modern air.

– The seat will be made of 1″ carbon steel tube
– 2.5 mm plate.

The tubes will be calendered and welded to form the circles,
and then welded underneath to make the union between the circles of the legs and the circle of the seat and back.
The plate will be plasma cut with 1 cm diameter circles.
The painting will be done by an electrostatic process so that it is more resistant in external areas,
and it will be painted green and beige, green on the circles and beige on the plates.

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  • Bruno Rodrigues
  • Bruno Rodrigues
  • Furniture design: series | Product design: park and garden
  • circle armchair is a steel tube armchair for outdoor and indoor areas, with a vintage and modern look at the same time.


Bruno Rodrigues


Bruno Rodrigues

desenho tecnico poltrona crculo-008c6ac8 poltrona circulo 01-64c8f107 poltrona circulo 02-d49a75e9 poltrona circulo 03-54467ffa poltrona circulo 04-65fa0fc9 poltrona circulo 05-8ea3136a poltrona circulo 06-edf2fbf8 untitled.86-8852790a untitled.87-79274835 untitled.91-c828623b untitled.242-b5443a5e