Cinema Bathtub

Shortlist 2021

About Project

An input of skills, crafts and intentions have transformed this bathtub, a container to hold water, into an object of design. And the transformation of the Bath Cinema is so intense that it trasnpasses the meaning of furniture.

Made of Black and White marble, the Bath Cinema is inspired from the black & white movies to become a timeless object. The straight lines flow together with its curves along the edges and it gracefully land in any bathroom.

This bathtub uses only left over material from marble slabs. Stripes consistently sway along its form keeping symmetry so that to become a subtle object in any bathroom.

  • cinema collection-afed3c33
    cinema collection-afed3c33cinema collection detail-717ccdfa
    cinema collection detail-717ccdfa
  • Yuri Moulin Zampirolli
  • Yuri Moulin Zampirolli
  • Product design: object
  • Marble with unique meaningful design.


Yuri Moulin Zampirolli


Yuri Moulin Zampirolli

cinema collection-afed3c33 cinema collection detail-717ccdfa