Ci Light

Longlist 2021

About Project

The Ci Light takes its inspiration from the Brazilian Indigenous culture. Its name is the short for ‘Guaraci’ (from Tupi kûarasý, “sun”) in the Guaraní mythology is the god of the Sun, creator of all living creatures.
The warm light is covered by the clay disc in the middle, creating a cosy environment. The bamboo sticks around it represent the sun rays.

  • Ci Light close-up
    Ci Light close-upCi Light off
    Ci Light offCi Light on
    Ci Light onCi Light hero shot
    Ci Light hero shot
  • Daniel Sampaio
  • Product design: light | Product design: object


Daniel Sampaio

Ci Light close-up Ci Light off Ci Light on Ci Light hero shot