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About Project

Vertical hangers are usually not ideal for moving and take up a lot of space. Floor wall hanger is modularly designed for easy handling and low volume storage. The user can determine and design the location of the hangers according to his needs and tastes with the hangers he has. Vertical stagnation is also done with the package hangers themselves.

Another feature of this floor wall hangers is that it can places horizontally in closed spaces such as closet and clothes can be hang on it with the hangers of this product and also this product has two end parts that act as a lid while standing and adjust the desired distance by rotating horizontally.

The product package measures 65 by 75 cm and consists of three hanging rods, 18 hangers, two caps with longitudinal adjustment and 36 retaining pins.

  • CHOOBOJA - 1 of 5-04ddb7fa
    CHOOBOJA - 1 of 5-04ddb7faCHOOBOJA - 2 of 5-0115c0a9
    CHOOBOJA - 2 of 5-0115c0a9CHOOBOJA - 3 of 5-c2d99571
    CHOOBOJA - 3 of 5-c2d99571CHOOBOJA - 4 of 5-a03859f3
    CHOOBOJA - 4 of 5-a03859f3CHOOBOJA - 5 of 5-c2ac5902
    CHOOBOJA - 5 of 5-c2ac5902
  • Kiavash Shahrabi Farahani, Pegah Khani, Kourosh Mahdavi
  • Product design: object
  • ChooboJa is a hanger that can be installed vertically or horizontally, depending on the user's needs, apart from the easy movement and the small space it occupies.


Kiavash Shahrabi Farahani, Pegah Khani, Kourosh Mahdavi

CHOOBOJA - 1 of 5-04ddb7fa CHOOBOJA - 2 of 5-0115c0a9 CHOOBOJA - 3 of 5-c2d99571 CHOOBOJA - 4 of 5-a03859f3 CHOOBOJA - 5 of 5-c2ac5902