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it is user-friendly and highly efficient and performs a number of functions in the form of a device, yet in addition to the beauty required, it is easy to use and easily portable inside a car or on a motorcycle. It can be kept in the least possible space when not needed. The aim is to design a folding chair with multiple functions that is more complete, lighter, cheaper and more technologically advanced than previous models. The user can use this chair with minimal force and knowledge. Easily converted to any functionality, it has a display for playback of songs and videos, and can act as a navigator with GPS connectivity (route display) if needed, and has the ability to send emergency location and message requests to emergency assistance. (especially for the elderly and children). In the front wheels of the chair, the power generating system is installed and in the seating chamber, a light battery is projected to be stored for LCD and LED lights on the device and mobile charging. To make the carrier’s performance different from the child carriage or wheelchair performance, requiring two different rear wheels, the two one- directed -wheel-drive models are designed for the carrier and swivel for the rest and are easily interchangeable, marked inside the pictures. Inside the support of the panel, a shopping bag and a stroller canopy are intended to be easily opened and mounted when needed. For safety and convenience at night, on both sides of the rear base, two rear lamps of LED and on the SUPPORT is a bright LED to illuminate the path are deployed.
The idea can be implemented using metal, wood, or synthetic materials, but the main materials of bases are metal, which can be steel, aluminum, or iron. Two small generators projected in front wheels will be used to produce electricity and their power will be stored and used in lightweight batteries embedded in the seating chamber. The idea can also be built in a small workshop it does not need sophisticated technology. Of course, there is an option of installing a solar cell on the seating chamber and support and can be used on other conditions to produce electricity for the panel.
This device is designed in the size of an ordinary chair and has different weights with different materials but in the lightest case, it is built with aluminum in bases and natural, or artificial light wood and dense plastic.
Length:‎106.6‎ cm
Width: ‎58.2‎ cm
Height:‎ ‎99.8‎ cm
Sitting ‎height:‎49.4‎ cm
Volume ‎box:‎130‎ liters

  • ALL IN ONE LANDA CHAIRS-111-12beb32c
    ALL IN ONE LANDA CHAIRS-111-12beb32c
    Three-dimensional view of the designr13-1800-a74bebae
    Multi-purpose useALL IN ONE LANDA CHAIRS-S-54d3c5b2
    Ability to collect, store, store and move in the least possible spaceOpen-Close-fa26a4a7
    Front and rear view in two modes: fully open and fully closedDetail2-1-1716fbde
    Details for two wheel modelsDetail1-0bcb22f8
    Automatic locking system and release togglefrontp-6b362629
    Use as shopping cart and strollerPerspective 1800-4-7c22893c
    Perspective 1800-4-7c22893c
    Used as shopping carts, strollers, carriers and more
  • Khalil Taleeslami
  • Product design: object
  • This device can be easily used in both open and closed modes with a simple deformation that does not require special expertise and knowledge, and it is enough to use it when it is closed for the shopping cart, and by pressing the toggle next to the bases, the free seating area With the hand on the wheelchair, the shopping wheel and carrier will come in and the lower toggle will be locked next to the wheels. To return to the closed position, it is enough to press the toggle next to the wheels and after releasing the toggles, the seat To close by hand. Using the system provided inside the LED panel on the upper body, the song, video or navigation system (GPS) will be easily activated and using the help and emergency buttons on the body and next to the front panel It is expected that service and emergency agencies will identify the user's location and come to his aid. At night, the taillights installed behind the two main pedestals to assist pedestrians and vehicles approaching from behind, and the main headlights, which are installed at the fulcrum to illuminate the lane, are responsible for illuminating the lane.


Khalil Taleeslami

ALL IN ONE LANDA CHAIRS-111-12beb32c r13-1800-a74bebae ALL IN ONE LANDA CHAIRS-S-54d3c5b2 Open-Close-fa26a4a7 Detail2-1-1716fbde Detail1-0bcb22f8 frontp-6b362629 Perspective 1800-4-7c22893c