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To make these products, a traditional method is used in Iran called Khatamkari. In this art, thousands of small pieces of wood and metal are put together. In these products, first the desired space is dug on the wood and then the inside of this space is filled with thousands of pieces of colored wood and metal.
It has been many years since the art of inlaying objects has existed in my country. This art, which looks like a miracle, is made by arranging thousands of small pieces together. But the process has not changed much. Today, more than ever, it is necessary to make changes in this art in order for this art to survive. The biggest advantage of this art is the possibility of using it on different objects, which has been neglected. My main effort is to use this art to beautify the objects that are used today, and definitely using art to satisfy today’s needs will bring it to life.
To notice this feature, I have made big changes in the appearance of the product that at first glance lead the audience to other changes because change in these arts is considered a bad thing by the people of my society and people are afraid of innovation in it.
The first is to preserve the natural texture of the wood along with the inlay parts, which shows the connection between the inlay role and the role of nature, and the second is the use of metal sides instead of conventional wooden sides, which gives the product a more fresh appearance.
The last point is the use of Nasta’liq Iranian handwriting in product design, which in addition to conveying the meaning of words, is as beautiful as a painting and has spiritual perceptions along with physical beauty.
It is necessary to mention that in this collection of products, there are poems that carry great human feelings and perceptions.

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  • Hossein Moghadampour
  • Kavianhc
  • Product design: object | Eco project
  • I went to university four years ago and because of my interest in handicrafts I wrote an article to find ways to update handicrafts. Immediately after graduation, I started doing what I understood. For nearly four years, I tried different methods, sometimes winning and sometimes failing. Now I am innovating on one of the original arts of my country called Khatamkari.


Hossein Moghadampour



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