CALIFORNIA. American style Asian restaurant

Longlist 2021

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The interiors of “CALIFORNIA American style Asian restaurant” are filled with symbolic elements typical of the American and Asian cultures.

In terms of reflecting the Asian one, the colour of the interior is close to the ethnic wabi-sabi (use of natural materials): stone, marble, onyx! Also, a flooded floor with stains resembles wet sand.
The same associations are suggested by round tables with the effect of circles embedded one into the other.
A red table, clear appeal to Chinese restautant culture, is placed between two massive columns with typical ornamentation, while the narrow common table by the bar, illuminated with yellow and turquoise lighting, suggests the idea of expensive Asian bars from James Bond movies.

There are also symbols of the American culture: the design of the ceiling symbolizes the Californian skyscrapers; the central chandelier is a volumetric repetition of the same motif that decorates the entire ceiling, easily associated with the skyscrapers; the lamp above the bar is shaped like a surfboard and decorated with wooden shark fins.

A friendly atmosphere is provided by open structures: buffets, cupboards and a display case with grilled ducks. Everything is in sight, open, accessible, understandable! The twins Aleksandr and Vladimir Yudin designed the shelves, “office” chairs, tables and sofas with leather inserts, while the KATANA chairs were ordered from the studio of the famous Ukrainian interior designer Pavel Vetrov.

A wall covered with greenery in one of the main rooms resembles the atmosphere and conveys the warmth of the Californian villas (half-open to let in the sun and so life and beauty of nature right into the courtyard!).
The interior decor is characterized by a surfboard shelf above the bar, a panel made of reels from spinning rods and portholes in the doors, as echoes of the ocean image which brings to mind sushi rolls and seafood in general.

The bathrooms are decorated in onyx, with unusual tiles and the effect of mirrors reflecting in each other. The columns in the corridor and the WC are decorated with a vertical logo – not a usual ornament that resembles either hieroglyphs or the sun and the trail that it leaves on the surface of the ocean, set below the horizon.

In the spring of this spring, the founders of the studio YUDIN Design, Vladimir and Aleksandr Yudin, started decorating the restaurant’s summer terrace in order to comply with COVID safety standards and to ensure the restaurant’s smooth operation in any condition. The site is made in the form of a straight gallery, which is closed on one side by Japanese screens (so as not to look at the roadway). The floor is covered with a grid, under which there are radiators, as designers drew this idea from the popular cinema images of streets in American metropolitan areas: mesh, asphalt. Finally, the designers combined it with a red table, a symbol of the Chinese Empire.

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    The image of the sun greets guests at the entrance of the establishment.2-978211ee
    The entrance is preceded by a spacious summer terrace realized as a straight gallery.3-fd99aefa
    The main hall stands out for the mix of colours and design styles.4-ae4b0319
    In the center of the hall, a red common table, reminiscent of the Chinese culture, is placed between two massive columns with typical ornaments.5-eb85434f
    Shelves, "office" chairs, tables and sofas are realized with leather inserts.8-520c789a
    A wall covered with greenery in one of the main rooms of the restaurant.9-ef3f06ea
    The KATANA chairs were ordered from the studio of the famous Ukrainian interior designer Pavel Vetrov.12-f3fbcbbc
    The surfboard shelf with wooden shark fins above the bar counter was realized by the studio YUDIN Design. 13-4a91d52b
    Another symbolic detail is the wall decorated with spinning reels.14-5f9ef890
    The summer terrace of the restaurant is designed as a gallery closed on one side by Japanese screens.15-2af038bd
    The summer terrace includes also a red table, a symbol of the Chinese Empire.17-2bb81f46
    The columns in the WC are decorated with a vertical logo resembling again sun. 18-5099a11e
    The bathrooms are decorated in onyx with unusual tiles.
  • Aleksandr Yudin, Vladimir Yudin
  • YUDIN Design
  • Interior design: Art & Crafts projects
  • The Ukrainian designers Vladimir and Aleksandr Yudin, founders of the studio YUDIN Design, are the authors of the interior design of CALIFORNIA American style Asian restaurant.

    Fantasizing about the sunny state of California, the designers decided to combine the restaurant brand with the image of the sun, that’s why the ”O" is the centre of the inscription and, at the same time, looks like a hot sun.

    The design of the restaurant is made in the European style with elements of Japanese minimalism, eclecticism and interspersed with classics.


Aleksandr Yudin, Vladimir Yudin


YUDIN Design

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