Butterfly chair

Shortlist 2021

About Project

The butterfly chair was born from a desire to use metal plasticity and is part of our company first furniture collection. As a French-Mexican (craftman+designer) we let our passion for design and processes drives our minds and hands.
We wanted to recreate resilience and strength in a single and light piece, so we decided to take butterfly wings structure as an inspiration to do it and we chose aluminum alloy to cast them in one piece each in order to avoid any welding or mechanical fixation, making the chair as clean and clear as possible.
We wanted to show that we can do permanent things. Objects that can almost last forever not only for the materials and processes, but also because of the spiritual meaning within the butterfly itself.
Our goal is to create a bridge between generations using long-standig handcraft processes with a contemporary design language, adding also a powerful conceptual content… we call it “Soulweare”

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  • Eduardo García, Yannick Jaques
  • Santo & Jean Ya LLC
  • Furniture design: series | Furniture: collection
  • https://vimeo.com/138945405
  • Can chairs flay?

    We have neither hardware nor software;
    we only have soulware.

    butterfly chair


Eduardo García, Yannick Jaques


Santo & Jean Ya LLC

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