Breeze Lamp

About Project

Inspired by the flying clothes left on the drying rack on a sunny day, I wanted to capture the moments of fabric moving through the wind. To mimic the texture and qualities of fabric, I heated molded acrylics to form the shade of the fixture. The shade is then attached to a curved steel tube that is casted in a concrete block which serves as the base. The concrete block is tilted on a 30 degree angle to counter balance the weight of the acrylic shade, but also to create a sense of imbalance and tension.

Scale: 30’’ I height
Material: 0.16mm acrylic sheets, stainless steel tube, concrete
Light source: Omni-directional LED
Modularity and series design: It is a product series in which each part can be adapted into different sizes and finishes to form desk and floor lamps.

    LAMP2-shadeBase closeup
    Base closeupLAMP2
    LAMP2LAMP 1 - different angles gif
    LAMP 1 - different angles gifLAMP 2 - different angles gif
    LAMP 2 - different angles gifMUGSHOT
  • June Huang
  • Product design: light
  • Inspired by the moments of fabrics moving through wind, this series of lamp comprising of an acrylic shade, a curved steel pole and tilted concrete base, aims to evoke a sense of movement, and play with sensations of balance.


June Huang

MUGSHOT closeup LAMP1 LAMP2 LAMP2-shade Base closeup LAMP2 LAMP1 LAMP1 LAMP2 LAMP 1 - different angles gif LAMP 2 - different angles gif MUGSHOT