About Project

Bottle is a unique console. The idea was to create a simple functional product , inspired by bottle shape with bookspace decor . the goal was a design
can be comunicate with any decoration and the form of console is easy to use and easly can increase or decrease the number of each shaped bottle that creates the desired length of the console , the design is beetween harmony ,balance and elegance , composed of minimal elements . The structure is made of fibergelass .

  • console 63-692951e3
    console 63-692951e3console 61-a9d3b809
    console 61-a9d3b809console 60-0f73bd3b
    console 60-0f73bd3bconsole 62-d61dce35
    console 62-d61dce35
  • mehdi ahkami
  • modative
  • Furniture design: series


mehdi ahkami



console 63-692951e3 console 61-a9d3b809 console 60-0f73bd3b console 62-d61dce35