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Bloc is a modular, modern, minimalist furniture set for the home. Consisting of one identical part, repeated four times, using one manufacturing process. The simplicity of the design ensures that costs are reduced, assembly is simple, and the consumer understands the product.

Bloc gives the consumer the ability to tailor their furniture shape, to a form that works best with that specific environment. Utilising the consistent right angle made up of any shape cut into four fractions. Each fraction can be interchanged from one of the four sets: Hexagon, Circle, Square, Triangle. Combining this with the four modern hues that are available. Creating truly customisable furniture pieces, with reduced SKU’s and maximised perceived value.

Bloc is made of 2.5mm powder-coated sheet metal. Designed to reduce costs, ensuring the bend direction is always the same. When in varying configurations, the bolt holes can be used as wall fixations. Ensuring a safe and stable fixation that comes at no extra cost.

A furniture set that is functional and customisable for the consumer. Communicated through truthful, geometric forms. For the lover of honest design.

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  • Luke O'Neill
  • Luke O'Neill
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  • I have added a JPEG process... So the story is understood. I also have website being released next week!
  • A modular furniture piece, produced with four identical parts to fit into any home in four different ways, manufactured with one process.


Luke O'Neill


Luke O'Neill

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I have added a JPEG process... So the story is understood. I also have website being released next week!