About Project

The design of the lamp was developed and invented in free time which is not, at night. There was a task to design a non-standard lamp that departs from all the laws and rules of a good and beautiful design, to create a bold and original design that is not technically sound enough, it was important for me to convey the unusual and non-standard less through form and lines, since the perception of the object is envious of the lines. This paw experiment is rather unsuccessful, there was an idea to fly out of the atmosphere and create something wildly incomprehensible, but at the same time something addictive and soothing. Light can calm down, give protection from darkness, as well as encourage reflection, help a person to concentrate, All sizes were carefully selected and every detail was thoroughly redone and changed during the work. The message of the lamp is that man is a cosmic being who is capable of much. Breaking the accepted standards of minimalism is enough. A bird was taken as the basis of the image.The height of the sconce is 1650 cm, the diameter of the lampshade is 10 cm.

  • noche 1-6605f98e
    noche 1-6605f98e
    sconce shapenoche 2-4eb91d88
    noche 2-4eb91d88
    main viewnoche 3-4eb91d88
    noche 3-4eb91d88
    top viewnoche 4-9ba8ddad
    noche 4-9ba8ddad
    sconce shape, rear viewnoche 5-9ba8ddad
    noche 5-9ba8ddad
    main viewnoche 6 (2)-5c011b60
    noche 6 (2)-5c011b60
    sconce shape, front viewnoche 6-5c011b60
    noche 6-5c011b60
    sconce shapenoche 7-f8fd0f2b
    noche 7-f8fd0f2b
    main view
  • Product design: light
  • Light is an important detail for creating a residential or public space. It was interesting to come up with a lamp design that would consider modernity, reliability, safety, novelty and originality.
    The aim of the project is to develop a sketch of a lamp that can be easily and organically integrated into a modern interior. It was important to maintain a balance between simplicity and originality, to offer your unusual vision of a simple subject. The developed design provides for multivariance. The lamp frame can be made of various materials: wood, plastic, textured metal. I have proposed to carry out an individual selection of plafonds of different colors, which will make it easy to fit the lamp into various interiors. A lamp is a lighting device and a decorative element at the same time. Developing the idea, I tried to get away from the usual lines and shapes. It was interesting for me to offer my own imaginative, original look at a familiar subject.
    The main task: to offer the author's original product, easy to manufacture, eco-friendly, energy-intensive. The proposed author's design is able to satisfy consumer demand. A special one, for whom the lama is not only additional lighting, but an important artistic modern and aesthetic element of the environment.

noche 1-6605f98e noche 2-4eb91d88 noche 3-4eb91d88 noche 4-9ba8ddad noche 5-9ba8ddad noche 6 (2)-5c011b60 noche 6-5c011b60 noche 7-f8fd0f2b