Balance Bench

About Project

Balance Bench is made from recycled ash trees this piece features a solid aluminum frame that is welded and textured by hand. In addition the beautiful ash and dentil detail painted with white and black milk paint sit on top of a solid 16″ diameter ash sphere.

  • bu bench b-f45d4f7f
    bu bench b-f45d4f7fbu bench c-2bd3ca67
    bu bench c-2bd3ca67bu bench dt-cc0bcc14
    bu bench dt-cc0bcc14bu bench-8578631b
    bu bench-8578631b
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  • Balance Bench


Cosmo Barbaro


Cosmo Barbaro Furniture

bu bench b-f45d4f7f bu bench c-2bd3ca67 bu bench dt-cc0bcc14 bu bench-8578631b