Bad Boy

Shortlist 2021

About Project

Bad Boy is a public sofa that can be used in open environments such as parks, gardens and urban, office and educational spaces, etc.
This is the second and latest version of Bad Boy that you see.

Color and Material :

Sheets that form the main shape of the bad boy by putting them together, they are made of light brown polywood. Because it is cheaper than wood due to its recycled nature, It is more resistant to UV rays, It weighs lighter, resistant to fungi, insects and corrosion, It has more variety of Making forms and volumes. It has an easier process to clean and sanitize and it is more resistant to cold and heat and does not crack.

The rods that pass through the sheets and maintain the strength of the sofa are made of metal and have a black color and are also shiny.

The surfaces that are a place to sit are also made of polywood, but they are thinner and have a dark brown color.

Organic form :

As mentioned in the brief description, in the first version of the sofa, only visual beauty and creating an attractive and beautiful form was considered, which was inspired by duck fingers, and in the second and last version, which you see by making changes in that form. Rich, it can be made using natural and low-loss materials. Also, another point of this beautiful shape is its natural nature, which is taken from a duck and has many similarities with green and public spaces, and induces a good feeling in the eyes of the audience.

Ergonomics :

In the product design process, a lot of attention has been paid to ergonomic standards and dimensions and sizes, which makes it feel pleasant to use, and as a result, the time of use is in the most useful state for the audience. For this purpose, surfaces that are a place to sit are designed in three general positions that the audience can either sit on them or they can lie down or they can sit and stretch their legs easily.

Connections, Production Methods, Dimensions and Size :

The full length of the sofa is 400 cm and its width is 350 cm.

The main body of the sofa consists of 70 sheets of polywood with a thickness of 4 and 5 cm, the distance between them is 8 cm.

The sheets are connected by metal rods and maintaining the overall strength of the sofa is also possible in this way. These rods were connected by welding. The two main bars on both sides of the sofa are 300 cm long. Their diameter is 9 cm in the largest case and 4 cm in the smallest case. It should be noted that smaller bars are connected to the main bar, which are smaller in size and have a larger number, and their presence causes the stability of the main bars in the sofa.

The connection of the thin polywood surfaces, that are a place to sit, to the main polywood sheets of the sofa body is done through bolt and nut connections. The thickness of these surface is 1.5 cm.

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  • Roozbeh Heydari
  • Furniture design: series | Furniture: collection | Product design: park and garden
  • I was sketching, I remembered the duck I had as a child, I called it Bad Bad. I always paid attention to the shape of his fingers, especially his curvature and the veil between them and this attracted me to design an organic form inspired by the shape of duck fingers... .
    I called him a Bad Boy.
    I hope you have a good time on my sofa.


Roozbeh Heydari

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