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Babette is a stool made for children’s room, inspired by the shapes of Brazilian modern furniture and the silhouette of an upside-down little rabbit. Simple and light, the product is divided into three pieces: an oval as a seating part, a triangular for the back legs, and a cylindrical shape for a front leg (all the normal stool must-have parts, but in this stool, the back legs were transformed into a triangle-shaped piece with two of its sides supported on the floor). The 3 pieces are ready to assemble the stool with no need to have an adult’s help, providing independence and a different activity outside their routines. Made of molded recycled plastic and rubber, the seat is coated with a golden pigment, which brings, even more, a magical appearance.

Parents can have some trouble with helping their children focus on completing educational activities such as reading a book or studying at home in a more enjoyable way. Babette can help kids to set a nice place in their own bedrooms and have a great time learning and having more responsibilities while assembling their own stool. It is also an excellent instrument to develop the-motor coordination and at the same time basic forms notion, once it has three parts: an oval seat, a triangular back leg, and a cylindric front leg.

Stools are one of the most simple pieces of furniture ever made. Babette does not reinvent anything, it brings a ludic aspect to the environment. The rounded format of its seat and legs uses recycled plastic and rubber (in a way that does not look they came from waste), and can help to decrease domestic accidents by being safer for a nursery or a little kid’s bedroom than furniture made of wood or metal. The stool inherited its simplicity from Sérgio Rodrigues’ Mocho stool, and the division in three different parts make the stool also a toy to the kids.

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    The Stool
  • Gabriel Antunes Henke Carrano
  • Gabriel Henke
  • Furniture design: series | Eco project | Furniture: chill & relax
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5FOdU5udPs
  • Babette can bring different activities to playtime to children. They can actually build their own stool with no problem like they are playing with building blocks. It is imaginative and traditional, the bunny shape form is also a ludic element with functional reason in a child's bedroom, once it respects the basic structure of a stool but with a funny shape. The stool also can fit in different types of decoration styles. Finally, Babette is an eco-friendly object using recycled plastic and rubber, it can teach children about the circular design process and of being conscious of environmental problems.


Gabriel Antunes Henke Carrano


Gabriel Henke

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