Aseman Cafe

About Project

The hotel lobby is located on Kish Island. This café is created in an area of 370 square meters on the western side of the hotel lobby. The design team attempted to create a luxurious, soothing, and intimate atmosphere. The main form used in the design of this café was one of the most famous Islamic arches belonging to the Safavid era (about 500 years ago) called the Panj O Haft Arch, which has been present in a completely modern space. Also, the arches between pillars construct dividers that provide private spaces in the Café Hall. All the furniture and objects are designed in a way to make harmony with the concept as well.

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  • Peyman Kiani Falavarjani, Parisa Biriya, Nima Bavardi
  • Peyman Kiani Architects
  • Furniture: collection | Archiproducts: partitions and screens | Archiproducts: wine shelves and holders | Product design: light


Peyman Kiani Falavarjani, Parisa Biriya, Nima Bavardi


Peyman Kiani Architects

A1 (1)-fb05f9cd A1 (2)-22a25e1c A1 (3)-67612f73 A1 (4)-73ba17fc A1 (5)-34add755