arco coffe table

Longlist 2021

About Project

The Arco coffee table emerged from a search for a more
simple, minimalist, with shapes so simple that just one
line could draw your silhouette, from a manufacturing process
simple and after many rafes and sketches I refined the design
until you reach the Arco table.
One feature that sets the table apart is that I wanted
in its production a process was used in which the use of electricity was minimal, which could be produced only using mechanical and manual machinery, so I thought of curves where only
passing the aluminum plate through a manual calender was possible.
able to obtain the radius I drew, the arc so to speak, hence
also comes the name of the table.
Another feature of the project is that the shape of the table allows
the plate could come from reuse and that the usage marks would become part of the aesthetic function of the table, giving new life to the reused plate

Material required: aluminum sheet
¼” thick and 1256 x 1200 mm;
Equipment needed: Calender
manual for plates
Manufacturing is very simple, just pass the plate through a calender to make the curvature that gives the part its characteristic, that is, the arch

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  • Bruno Rodrigues
  • Bruno Rodrigues
  • Furniture design: series
  • the ARCO coffee table is a coffee table with minimalist lines and a differentiated design, taken to the minimum of the minimum


Bruno Rodrigues


Bruno Rodrigues

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