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Alsa table
The Alsa is mostly inspired by natural wavy forms and sinusoidal shapes, which makes a sensory connection with the product. Besides, the pure lines on the wooden base drive the emotion of a modern statue to the audience. These elegant lines along with integrated wood and glass bring ease to the installation and ease of use in interior spaces, thereby reducing the visual noise. Importantly, the Alsa is designed to preserve innovation using minimal approach and simplicity, in addition to adherence to values and identities of Porada.
The Alsa comprises of two parts including a wooden base and a plate top. The base is produced in walnut, which is the typical material used in Porada products, and the tops is issued in plate glass, which visually expands interior spaces and makes it appear larger. Alsa is a family of two products including coffee table and dining table. The coffee table is 110 cm long, 110 cm wide, and 35 cm high; and its glass top is 12 mm thick. The dining table is 180 cm long, 120 cm wide, and 75 cm high; and its round glass top is 12 mm thick.

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Hosna izadi

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