Shortlist 2021

About Project

ALONG armchair is an advanced design object conceived by the SVOYA studio design bureau especially for the clients of the furniture studio DONNA.

This product is very lightweight and can be freely moved from one place to another, organizing the space for any situation. It is characterized by a high level of comfort and, thanks to the wide backrest and a smaller additional pillow, the rest becomes better and more pleasant.

Several ALONG armchairs can be used to create exquisite compositions for relaxation or communication and, at the same time, the interior always appears in a new light.

The frame of the ALONG armchair is made of Pural coated metal. In this case, the metal can be painted in any color at the customer’s choice: polished stainless steel, satin, brass, gold, etc.

The choice of textiles for this product is also provided to the client, but in order to preserve the original concept and idea of the designers, the furniture company DONNA and the SVOYA studio design bureau are ready to give recommendations regarding the materials and colors of the upholstery.

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  • Svoya Studio
  • DONNA furniture studio
  • Furniture design: series | Product design: light
  • This original armchair is part of the author’s collection ALONG, developed by the SVOYA studio design bureau especially for the clients of the furniture studio DONNA.

    The ALONG collection, both externally and practically, is a very light composition. The flowing lines and thin “layers” of the backs and seats are reminiscent of the elite pieces of furniture of the mid-20th century in the style of American classics. A the same time, the overall shape, framed by metal, indicates the attitude of the design solution to modern minimalism.


Svoya Studio


DONNA furniture studio

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