Aloe Vera Lighting

Shortlist 2021

About Project

I was inspired by Aloe Vera Plant to make this concept.
Aloe Vera is a symbol of peace and luck. To display these symbols, an attempt has been made to turn the lawngreen light into darkness with a calm and uniform brightness (to convey a sense of calm). Also, the yellow lamp in the center of the plant represents a new bud that is protected by the surrounding leaves, which give the new member a chance to survive and grow properly. The lighting of this product makes the room more pleasant and calms the user after a working day.

  • 1-Aloe Vera Lamp-a4b5ccd6
    1-Aloe Vera Lamp-a4b5ccd62-Aloe Vera Lamp-f82d87c6
    2-Aloe Vera Lamp-f82d87c63-Aloe Vera Lamp-5ef47da1
    3-Aloe Vera Lamp-5ef47da14-Aloe Vera Lamp-94586966
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    5-Aloe Vera Lamp-5f2c5d67
  • Afshin Mehdizadegan Hosseini
  • Product design: light
  • This lamp is inspired by Aloe Vera plant, which with its soft lighting in the room in a form similar to this plant, creates a sense of calm in a person after a working day.


Afshin Mehdizadegan Hosseini

1-Aloe Vera Lamp-a4b5ccd6 2-Aloe Vera Lamp-f82d87c6 3-Aloe Vera Lamp-5ef47da1 4-Aloe Vera Lamp-94586966 5-Aloe Vera Lamp-5f2c5d67