Adventure Time shelf

About Project

Adventure Time shelf is about play with favorite things (books, toys, photo frames, etc.). Shelf is geometrics, forming a simple labyrinth from different shapes. The lines of its network offer a lot of functionality to display artefacts or store books and magazines. Bright colors illustrate vibrant life and happiness of childhood.
Filling the shelf with your favorite things you will create a new unique object for your interior.

I am a strong believer in the ability of architecture and design combined with art for strengthening our society and potentially have positive effect on the world.

  • Shelf 1 3600 main-9cbe43a3
    Shelf 1 3600 main-9cbe43a3Shelf 2 1800_1-2624e707
    Shelf 2 1800_1-2624e707Shelf 3 1800_-2455f4d3
    Shelf 3 1800_-2455f4d3Shelf 4 1800_-712a9a84
    Shelf 4 1800_-712a9a84shelf 5_1800-b8db5f06
    shelf 5_1800-b8db5f06
  • Irina Golikova
  • Product design: object
  • This work is about experiments with geometrical forms, colors and emotions. It is inspired by nature, architecture, Wassily Kandinsky's works and the Russian avant-garde


Irina Golikova

Shelf 1 3600 main-9cbe43a3 Shelf 2 1800_1-2624e707 Shelf 3 1800_-2455f4d3 Shelf 4 1800_-712a9a84 shelf 5_1800-b8db5f06