About Project

How does this technology work? Quite simply, I’ll tell you.
The LED strip is attached to the inner walls of the table, glass is glued on top, on the reverse side of which there is a mirror surface.
A mirror is attached to the inside of the table.
Thus, the mirrors reflect from each other, showing the effect of infinity.

The table legs are made of metal profile, which, in turn, is also suitable for any interior: from the 80s to the loft.
The simplicity of the design cannot but please, because such a table can be assembled yourself without much effort (although a little effort will have to be made).
The metal profile can be welded together, or fastened with fasteners-crabs, bolts, etc.

And finally – the shelf.
Its material can be absolutely anything. I chose granite tiles, and the profile holds well.

This shelf is suitable for anything: both for magazines books, and for all kinds of small appliances (phones, remotes, toys)

length – 900 mm
width – 550 mm
height – 460 mm

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    The LED strip can be either RGB or plain monochrome (it is best to configure the arduino itself)2 kart-b28a5ae5
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    The tape power supply is placed in a corner box4 kart-bdeba886
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  • Предметный дизайн: объект
  • The abyss is a versatile coffee table that will suit any interior.
    In addition to its simplicity, it has an extremely unusual appearance - inside it is a real featureless bottom.

chisto 3-4edcccd1 1 kart-3a5f1fa4 2 kart-b28a5ae5 3 kart-59f5b13b 4 kart-bdeba886 6 kart-21e985d2 7 kart-040a0e63