a chair for two

About Project

all materials are environmentally friendly. The case is made of natural teak wood and belongs to valuable breeds. Teak wood furniture has a unique natural beauty, durability and strength.
Fillers for upholstered furniture: Polyurethane foam. This filler is absolutely safe for human and animal health, it does not emit harmful chemical products in the room, such as formaldehyde, asbestos, freon.
Natural upholstery material: durable velour. Due to its high resistance to fading, the furniture will last for many years, and the material also tolerates various mechanical damage — cuts and scratches.
The scratching post is made of sisal — a natural coarse fiber. Among the properties — durability, rigidity, strength.

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  • This bed is designed for the rest of a person and his pet. A stand for coffee and other personal items is provided for a person, and a scratching post is below for a pet.

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