Project is shortlisted 2022/23

Zine Table

Zine Table is a side table for magazines made of bent sheet steel. The project arises from an examination of blockades and patterns in the process of formal drawing design. Acting in a familiar design environment and the resulting repetitive patterns of thought and design form a problem which can be overcome by inhibitions in the new design and solution approaches. By applying the principle of recombination, a design process could be presented, which puts a creative form finding before the decision of a functional use. In this way, it was possible to provoke a rethinking of a habitual design practice. The result is an object recombined from forms of our environment.

This object, based on drawings, was created without an underlying function and represents the result of an involuntary formal design. Through the subsequent assignment of the function of a table for magazines, this conceptual object is immersed in the product world and in this way thematizes the narrow thin line between the involuntary and the product.

  • DSCF4192-2e4fccd3
  • Fabian Wohlfarth
  • Studio Byware


Fabian Wohlfarth


Studio Byware