Project is silver winner 2022/23

Cape Chair

The Cape chair is an unibody chair series with simplistic yet dynamic design. Inspired by a wrapped piece of paper, the contrast between its sculptural form and clean, geometric lines creates a confident stance and a sophisticated look. With high-gloss finish and five brilliant color, its jewel-like surface compliments the form, turning it into an instant art piece wherever it’s placed. The Arc-shaped high-back design offers extra comfort and a sense of privacy, which shines particularly in public space. Its versatility allows it to be used both in-door and out-door, and its stackable feature makes it easier to move-around. Molded in fiberglass, the Cape chair pays homage to pioneers like Eames and Panton being a light but deceptively durable one-piece.

  • Cape chair1-2-4e2b4691
    Cape chair1-2-4e2b4691Cape Chair3-f514d8d0
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    Cape chair7-0497d880
  • Zhaokun Wang


Zhaokun Wang