Project is shortlisted 2022/23

Echo Lounge

Concrete has been used in architecture for millennia.  It is simple to produce, incredibly strong, and with enough time and effort, can even be elegant.  So why do we limit the use of this material to roads, walls, and floors?  Why not apply it to furniture and bring it into the home?

The Echo Lounge is a celebration of concrete.  The bold geometry, consisting of intersecting planes and repeating lines, invokes modernist architecture while precise dimensions and angles ensure that Echo Lounge is as comfortable as it is beautiful.  The concrete’s polished surface and exposed aggregate, as well as the black leather cushions, soften and refine, adding a subtle elegance to the chair.  The combined effect is one of undeniable presence.  Echo Lounge is a statement piece, a chair that demands your attention and establishes itself as the focal piece of any room.

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  • Vincent Gabriel Hubert


Vincent Gabriel Hubert