Project is shortlisted 2022/23

Contemporary interior objects

Our new collection is made using a number of different technologies and a variety of materials. Humbly, starting out as pencil drawings on paper our graphic designers take these 2D sketches and bring them to life as digital 3D renders. With this digital language now created our engineers set about machining the rough bodies of the forms. These cores are all made from polystyrene; polystyrene is light weight and very easy to mill which allows us to make much larger pieces of work which are still relatively easy to handle.

With these cores complete they go from the tables of our CNC machines into the hands of our craftsmen and women. From here on out all the finishing work is completed manually, all surface treatment and refinement  of form is done using traditional sculpting practices.

At this point in the process the physical sculpts are complete, however they are extremely fragile. The application of a two part polyurethane sprayed resin allows us to create a very durable and chemically resistant substrate on even the most complex forms. With this coating applied we move on to the final finishing of each piece. Weeks of work go into bodyshopping a collection this size. Each piece is meticulously sanded and filled to eliminate any unwanted imperfections on the surface. With the body work taken care of the next stop is the paint shop. Each piece is thoroughly degreased and washed before it is treated to three stage paint application. Colour slection gets just as much attention as any other aspect of the production. Working within the immense Pantone library we are able to render hundreds of shades digitally to find just the right hue.

The integration of  hardwoods create a stark juxtaposition of the materials. The modern resin substrates sit aside the materials humans have used to make art and tools for thousands of years. A fitting analogy to some up our design strategy, contemporary approaches to traditional values.

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Tacmelova Alina, Goncharov Yury


Engineered Arts Objects