YA Fabrica

YA – an affirmative reply from phygital experts

A unique manufacturer, called YA fabrica, appeared when Alina Tacmelova and Yury Goncharov decided to develop their own business in 2019. It’s vision is literally about “creating everything”. In the 2000s, 3D printing technology had only just appeared. But even today, 20 years later, it is very expensive, complex and still impossible to create large-sized products for everyday use. Meanwhile, custom-made products that are created in search of the ideal solution and shape from designers, often cannot be performed with the help of “ordinary” CNC machines. Sometimes they can, but at the expense of functionality, quality and at an astronomical price.

At the same time, specialists from YA can turn almost any large object into reality, no matter how complex the shape and as fast as possible. This is not just about high-tech work with polymers and 3D models – only manual skills allow you to get the perfect finished product, with the shape exactly corresponding to the plan.

It is quite symbolic that the YA company has appeared in Canada, where the timeless tradition of the Arts and Crafts movement are strong, and still have not lost its relevance for a century and a half. In the era of neural networks and ever deeper immersion in virtual and digital technologies, YA is unique (even on a global scale), and literally can broadcast these ideas in the form of material objects to our real, physical world.

The company celebrated 2023 by developing its own line of furniture and household products under its new YA brand – as bright and expressive as the objects created by the manufacturer.
The phoneme “ya” means “Yes” in many languages, which is why it was chosen as a brand. “Yes” – in the case of the YA manufactory – is the answer to the question “can you do it?”

The answer is always the same:
Ya, we can.

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